Letter: Dr. Mattoon

What is going on in this city? I refer to the Nevada Appeal's story that Dr. Mattoon was arrested on suspicion of an illegal workers compensation claim. Why has the Attorney General's Office chosen to malign Dr. Mattoon instead of what that office should concern itself with: "Protecting Citizens" as their motto claims?

We don't need the state attorney's office to protect us from Dr. Mattoon's misbillings. I am confident that no impropriety exists here. The bigger issue is that we need the state attorney general's protection from the corruption that exists within our city government and its officials who chose to vilify those who seek justice. Instead the Attorney General's Office joins in to intimidate this family further. Incredible!

I believe Dr. Mattoon's only misdeed has been his attempts to pursue justice in the death of his stepfather which was directly caused by the Carson City Sheriff's Department.

Let me remind Carson City's residents that in 1996, the sheriff's department SORT team launched an unwarranted violent attack upon the home of Dr. Mattoon's elderly parents that resulted in the death of his stepfather. This man had done nothing wrong, yet they used excessive deadly force on a man who posed no physical threat to anyone. How proud I was to learn from the newspaper that day that our sheriff's department's strong young men knocked this fragile elderly man around.

The attorney general's actions are just another example of our public officials violating public trust, malfeasance and nonfeasance. If you're the victim of a crime, don't count on the public officials to help you. Instead, they often hinder and stand in the way of your attempt at obtaining justice, especially when they have reason to direct the public's attention in another direction instead of where the problem exists. They fail to do their job, are protecting each other and will prosecute anyone who dares question their actions!

This is not an isolated incident. Carson City residents are frustrated at the lack of response of its public officials to assist them in a broad range of problems. Whether seeking restitution as a victim of a crime or the sheriff and district attorney failing to arrest and prosecute dangerous and violent criminals (thus protecting those criminals) or asking for an objective investigation into the death of a loved one. Many citizens find themselves being vilified by those very officials who are paid by the taxpayers to fund their shenanigans. Incredible!


Carson City


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