Lease of building for Dayton Utilities

DAYTON - Dayton Utilities will be moving to new quarters.

Ending years of searching, Lyon County commissioners agreed Thursday to move the Lyon County Utility offices in Dayton to the former Thiel/Whinchell building at 34 Lakes Boulevard.

The facility is currently occupied by a doctor's office and physical therapy business. The utility offices will take the space occupied by Lee's Pharmacy.

County Engineer Dan O'Brien said, "There really isn't any other space available. It will double the size of our office space."

O'Brien said the building was obtainable for about $600,000, but no financing is currently available.

The new office space is 1300 square feet. A two year lease agreement calls for $1168.20 per month rent the first year and $1223.25 the second year. If the county wishes to renew the lease for a third year, the cost will increase another $16.10 per month. Other expenses related to the move will be the relocation of the Pump Telemetry system and a phone system. Both items were anticipated and added during the past budget process.

There will be a drive-up payment drop box at the new location, but O'Brien said the drop box at the current office will also remain in place.

The Public Health Nurse and Juvenile Probation share the current building and will take over the vacated space.

At one time the utility/county had the opportunity to purchase the new site, with plans to lease out unused space. Due to objections of some, the project never came about and the building was eventually sold to others. The current lessors are D & J Casarino Investments Inc., a California Corporation.

O'Brien gave no estimation of a possible move in date.


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