Last chance for streams

Monday is the date that the State of California closes most of its streams, creeks and rivers to fishing for 1999. All of those waters will not re-open to fishing again until the last Saturday in April. That is a long way off. So, this week's "Q-Tip" is to take advantage of one last opportunity to fish the moving waters in the Golden State. If you don't, you'll be restricted to fishing only its lakes and reservoirs during the up-coming winter months.

However for the next few days, you can still fish such nearby, popular streams, creeks and rivers as the West Carson River, Forestdale Creek and Red Creek in the Hope Valley area, the East Carson River, Markleeville Creek, Silver Creek and Wolf Creek in the Markleeville area, the Truckee River and the Little Truckee River in the Truckee area, just to name a few.

And as a special reminder, be sure to remember that all of the applicable fishing waters in Inyo and Mono Counties have already closed for the year. They closed on Oct. 31. So, don't plan to fish any of them. If you do, it could prove to be very embarrassing and expensive, especially if the "friendly old game warden" should spot you.

And remember that Heenan Lake in Alpine County also closed to fishing on Oct. 31. It's off-limits too.

But, if you're one of those die-hard fishermen who is still looking for that elusive California trout, there is still hope.

For you see, you can continue to fish the many open lakes and reservoirs in California, with the exception of those in Inyo and Mono Counties.

Those lakes and reservoirs include Red Lake, Caples Lake and Silver Lake in the Kit Carson Pass area, Boca and Stampede Reservoirs in the Truckee area, Frenchman's Reservoir and Davis Lake in the Portola area and Bucks Lake in the Quincy area.

So, that leaves you with an interesting mix of good news and bad news.

The good news is that you can still pursue one of America's favorite sports during the winter months at those various California's lakes and reservoirs.

The bad news is that once you get to your destination, you might have to cut a hole in the ice to fish.

So, if you're not into ice fishing, you better hustle. Old man winter is just around the corner.

You have five days left to get in all the California stream fishing that you can, until next April.

Good luck to you, if you go. Just be sure to dress warm!


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