Investigator assigned to museum theft

Carson City Sheriff's deputies are still checking leads in the heist of nearly $3,000 from the Children's Museum of Northern Nevada.

While museum workers say they have their suspicions about the perpetrator's identity, Chief Sheriff's Deputy Bernie Curtis said the lack of witnesses to the crime will make the investigation difficult.

"We pretty much know that nobody saw anything," he said. He added that an investigator has been assigned to the case.

Melissa Starr, who works at the museum, said only a few people knew the layout of the building and the location of the safe that was broken into.

Additionally, an even smaller group knew where the cash was kept from the museum's weekend fund-raiser, "Trick or Treat Town," and that the money hadn't yet been sent to the bank, she said.

"We think it was someone who knows the building and is familiar with the room (where the safe was located)," Starr said. "The safe was in a locked room. They didn't come and go through the offices or the other rooms, they headed straight for the safe."

The thief or thieves pried open two doors to get to the safe and a donation box that held the donated money plus some money raised through flag sales. Fortunately, the thief missed a petty cash box that contained close to $800.

Only hours after the money was discovered missing, the law firm of Crowell Susich Owens & Tackes Ltd. showed up on the museum steps and covered the loss with a check for $3,000.

"With all of the time and effort that the staff put into it (the fund-raiser), it was devastating to find out it was for nothing," Starr said. "They (the law firm) were our saviors."


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