Help identify car that hit, killed dog

Between the hour of 4 and 4:30 a.m. Oct. 25, my dog and friend, Moses, was hit and killed by a car. I am writing this letter because the driver did not stop to help.

I am certain if this person has a pet who is a close part of the family, he or she would want their pet treated with kindness and love. Moses deserved kindness and love. He suffered, which could have been avoided if one of my neighbors, who accidentally hit him, could have found it in their heart to stop and call for help.

Each car that passes, I wonder if it is the car that killed my beloved Moses. He was hit at the corner of Carmel and Patricia Drive. Luckily, Cathy and Wayne Okimoto heard Moses' cries as well as the screeching car. They also said two boys came to their door. If these boys happened to see the car, please call me at 265-0091 or 265-6005. I want to thank the boys for getting help and also thank you to the Okimotos for calling Valerie with the animal shelter. Thank you to all the kindhearted neighbors who tried to help Moses. Moses will be fondly remembered.

I love you, Moses.


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