GIRLS GOLF Northern 4A

All-Conference Team

First team

Mandy Chappell (Fallon), Chandeni Gill (Galnea), Denise Oliver (Hug), Darby Detomase (Fal), Keri Schlosser (Gal), Aislyn Nelson (Wooster), Nicole Felesina (Reno).

Second team

Jill Lauderdale (Reed), Sara Swanson (Elko), Cassidy Baxter (Carson), Brittany Christianson (Reed), Megan Nunn (Reno), Kristina Ely (Gal).

Third team

Breianan Hird (Reno), Kaitlyn Boyle (Reed), Dana Hansen (McQueen), Jennifer Maynick (Lowry), Misty Butts (S. Tahoe), Kristy Johnson.


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