Former sheriff's clerk subject of probe

A former clerk typist at the Washoe County Sheriff's Office Incline substation is being investigated on suspicion of embezzlement.

Carson City resident Loretta Ashby, 61, is being investigated after officials discovered there was a shortage in county funds she was in charge of depositing.

The sheriff's office recently submitted results of the investigation to the Washoe County District Attorney's office, which is reviewing it to decide whether a warrant for Ashby's arrest should be issued.

Ashby, who was an employee at the Incline substation for three years, in late July into early August began calling in sick and within days stopped calling. Sheriff's office personnel attempted to contact her without success.

Ashby's employment was terminated because she didn't show up to work, said Lt. Doug Gist, the sheriff's public information officer.

An inquiry revealed Ashby, responsible for collecting fees for work cards, animal licenses, and other permits and registrations within the substation, had left bank deposits that needed to be done in her absence, according to a sheriff's office report.

Her records were examined in order to deposit money and balance books. The examination revealed there was an apparent shortage in county funds.

"Someone looking into this discovered there were a few deposits that weren't made," Ashby said.

Deputy District Attorney Elliott Sattler, who is reviewing the case, said he couldn't reveal how much money was missing since an arrest hasn't been made.

However, the sheriff's office investigation gathered enough evidence to request that the district attorney's office consider issuing a warrant for Ashby's arrest on felony embezzlement charges.

"To be felony embezzlement it has to be in excess of $250," Sattler said. "It was a considerable amount more than that."


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