Finding that perfect winter season rental isn't going to be easy for some, but it's not impossible.

"There's always a way, it's just going to take a while," said Suzi Browne, rental department manager for Coldwell Banker McKinney and Associates.

There are several things renters can do to make house hunting as simple and quick as possible:

n Lose the high expectations. The ideal cabin in the woods, complete with forest and lake views, a Jacuzzi on the deck and a built-in wet bar isn't always easy to come by in long-term rental properties.

- Consider leaving Fido with a friend for the season. The majority of South Shore rental properties don't allow pets (goldfish do well, but dogs and cats have trouble finding a welcome mat). If you do bring a pet and find a rental that allows them, be prepared to pay a pet deposit.

- Don't expect to live with all 16 of your buddies. Most three-bedroom rentals can accommodate six to eight people. But beware: Rental agencies often set limits on the number of people occupying a residence.

- Take what's available, then make adjustments. The ideal living arrangement may not be available right away, but it's easier to be picky when you have a roof over your head.


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