Finder of necklace deserves thank-you

My wife, Barbara, and myself wish to thank a very honest and thoughtful person who turned in a gold necklace to the Brewery Arts Center on Oct. 15. We had gone to the BAC that evening to attend the High Desert Jazz Festival, and during the performance, Barbara discovered her necklace was missing. This was a very special and favorite necklace for Barbara, and she was horrified that it was lost. We searched the area within the BAC and retraced our steps without success. We left the performance early if by chance it was somehow left at home. Again no success.

The following evening, Saturday, we returned for the final performance of the festival and inquired if a necklace had been turned in. We were elated to learn that it had. However, no one could tell us who that person was who had turned the necklace in. We are hopeful that the person responsible for this kind act will read this letter and know how much we appreciate their efforts and honestly. Unfortunately, so much that we read in the paper involves negative aspects of life. We would like to report that there is goodness in this world and especially in Carson City.

We would also like to thank the BAC staff, Joe, Ann and Carol, for all of their help in this matter and for bringing to our community a great jazz festival.


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