Ex-wife was never attacked by dog

Why do newspapers insist on printing stories before they check the facts? I am from Germany and I love America. I am amazed, however, how many Americans believe everything they read.

I am referring to the recent news stories about my former husband, George Soetje. Since my name was used in these stories, I would like to set the record straight regarding some of the errors you made.

First of all, my name is Annemarie, not Anne.

Second: I am not George Soetje's wife. We were divorced in 1978. I am happy to say that we are still very good friends, and we both participate in family get togethers.

Third: I was not attacked by any of George's dogs. I often take care of his dogs when he is out of town. On the one occasion three years ago, I was accidentally bitten while two of the dogs were "rough-housing." It was my fault, not the dogs. I still "dog sit" for George when he travels. Do you think I would be stupid enough to do this if the dogs were vicious?

Miko, the dog who was destroyed, was my favorite. In fact, a young man by the name of Nick Zappin would come over to help me and he also loved Miko. Nick once took Miko to school with him. They spent an hour in the class at Carson Jr. High.

I also happen to know that much of George's problems with the animal control had nothing to do with the dogs. Several years ago, he refused to rent a home to one of the animal control officers. This person took it personally and carried a grudge against George. This person no longer works at the animal control and George hasn't had any problems since. What a coincidence!

Finally, let me congratulate the Appeal for no longer employing Jody Rice. Jody got the story wrong when she first broke it in June of 1998. She got it wrong again when she wrote the Oct. 25, 1999, story in the Reno Gazette-Journal. She fits in nicely with the Gazette Journal - the Gossip Rag.


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