Complaints actually support nurses' cause

This is in response to the letter to the editor from Mr. Meyer concerning the

nurses of 2 North at Carson Tahoe Hospital. Mr. Meyer, you might not

realize this but a note of thanks is due to you. Confused? Allow me to

enlighten you.

The nurses at Carson Tahoe Hospital (at least 75 percent of them) are currently in the process of organizing to join a union. The primary purpose is to raise the quality of care throughout the hospital including the nurses of 2 North.

Still confused? Our hospital is staffed with extremely qualified, professional, well educated and dedicated nurses, in every unit. ICU 's nurse to patient ratio is much less than that of 2 North.

The nurses in ICU are very, very good at their job and typically have the

opportunity to spend more quality time with their patients. The telemetry

unit, generally, is also staffed with a lesser nurse to patient ratio,

although at times they can be streched.

The nurses on 2 North are often spread out up to 7 or 8 patients (8 on nights). This can take away from the quality time they so desperately wish to give to their patients. I am sorry for your unpleasant stay with us; however, your blanket statements affect ALL the nurses on 2 North, not just the ones you were in reference to. Contrary to what you have stated, there ARE VERY GOOD NURSES ON 2 NORTH. So, getting back to my opening statement about thanking you ... maybe this will open the eyes of the public and make

them aware that they, the public, ARE our concern.

Our patients are the reason why we are organizing for better quality of care. Those of us organizing WANT to give the very best care we know we can, without having to

worry if we have met our departments' budget. Nursing is a people

business, not a money business. I am proud to say I work at C-TH, and I am

proud to work beside some of the very best in the nursing field. I love and

care for each and every one of my patients. Mr. Meyer, if you want to see a

change , then be a part of the solution. Support the nurses by giving us the

benefit of knowing we are trying to make a change.


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