Arrowhead residents can sympathize

We are sorry for all the folks living on the Graves Lane extension. I live off East Arrowhead Drive near Centennial Field. When the road was put in, the county said the road would not hold heavy truck traffic. The city said that was too bad. Now there are heavy trucks traveling this road from 4 a.m. until 11 p.m. Not only is the noise bothersome, our fences are falling down and our foundations are cracking. My neighbor has to keep patching his swimming pool from the vibration of the trucks.

People driving on Arrowhead Drive throw beer bottles, cans and trash over our fences. We're lucky we have not had any fires in our yards. You know what this does to your property value?

Originally the speed limit on this road was 25 mph, then it was raised to 35 mph. Now people drive 45 or 50 mph.

If you think your life has been disrupted on Graves Lane, be grateful they put in sound-bearing walls. We would be happy with a sound-bearing wall. At least the noise would be cut some, and our property would have some protection. Maybe we could get the city to ban trucks on Arrowhead Drive. Yeah, right!

What it comes down to is you can't fight city hall. We've been trying for years and have gotten nowhere. That is exactly where you will get.


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