Holiday Memories: Oops, wrong present

One cool Christmas Eve while my brothers and sisters put on their pajamas, I was getting the milk and cookies fixed for Santa Claus. I was dreaming about the extremely large present which was under our beautifully decorated tree. I was so intent on my day dream that I didn't notice that milk had overflowed the glass and that I had dropped the cookies on the floor. I cleaned up my mess and was able to successfully put the refreshments out for Old St. Nick.

My grandmother read "The Night Before Christmas" to my siblings. When my grandmother was finished reading the story, we all heard the jingle of bells from Kris Kringle's sleigh. We all raced to our beds as quick as the speed of light!

I was so anxious about Christmas that I found it very hard to sleep. I kept thinking about that large present and all kinds of thoughts filled my mind. Was it a Jeep or chemistry set? Thinking these happy thoughts, I was soon able to fall asleep.

Early the next morning, I woke up and ran into the living room where our tree was. I ate all the candy out of my stocking and opened my present from that jolly fellow in the red suit. It was a toolbox full of wonderful tools. That one big box was still getting to me.

An hour later, my mom and dad woke up. Mom came into the room carrying coffee for her and dad. Dad said it was time to open our other presents. I ran to the big present and ripped it open without reading the name tag. It was a doll house! It was my sister's doll house!


12 years old

Silver Stage Middle School


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