Final changes to Tahoe Visitors Authority market plan planned at meeting

Final changes to the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority 2001-2003 marketing plan will be discussed today.

"This is really the last time to make changes to the plan," said Terry LeBan, LTVA executive director.

The visitors authority meets at 3 p.m. today at Harrah's Casino Convention Area to make any final adjustments to the marketing plan. The meeting will give participants a chance for final comment on the plan.

"It will pass," LeBan said. But even though the plan is nearly finalized adjustments will be made, which include reworking the Web site, "It won't pass looking exactly like it does, even I have changes to make to it."

Following the approval of the plan, the LTVA marketing committee and advertising agency will meet on Sept. 8 to discuss advertising.

"As far as our advertising, our marketing committee will look at the ad campaign and carry on the same look that they have been using this year," LeBan said.

The LTVA, which has a budget of approximately $3 million-the same as last year-will continue with print and television advertising in major Northern and Southern California markets, which is where Tahoe gets its primary draw.

"We will maintain the current programs that are working," LeBan said.

LVTA will also continue marketing at trade shows in places such as Florida, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Texas.

The LTVA hopes to expand advertising to Texas and Arizona on a seasonal basis and eventually, if revenues permit, on a more consistent basis.

With regards to Allegiant Air, LTVA will continue its advertising in the Los Angeles markets, but the marketing committee will have to consider any additional advertising efforts in the Las Vegas area.


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