Pivot motion important to swing

The pivot motion is the movement of the body for the entire golf swing.

Its role is to position the body in such a way that the hands and arms are free to swing the club into and beyond the ball on the correct path. The hands and arms will swing where the body allows. This explains why the pivot motion is of utmost importance. Poor body position will result in the inability to swing the club correctly.

The pivot motion has two pivot points, one on the movement away from the ball and one on the forward swing. The pivot point for the back swing is the right thigh. The back swing is a ninety-degree rotation of the shoulders and chest around a stable right thigh. As the shoulders and chest rotate the

right thigh holds its place, the lower body must simply respond to the rotation of the upper body, it provides resistance and stability. There must be no attempt to keep the head still; the head must be allowed to rotate in response to the turning of the body. The weight is transferred as a result of the turning of the upper body and therefore is not a conscious effort.

Any attempt to transfer the weight almost always results in a destructive lateral shift of the hips.

Here's a simple and effective drill to develop the correct pivot motion for the back swing.

Adopt the address position.

Place a club on the inside of the right foot.

Hold a club across the line of the shoulders.

Rotate the shoulders and chest around the stable right thigh.

See that the right knee has remained flexed.

Let the head respond to the turning of the body.

Keep the left heel as inactive as possible.

See that the club across the shoulders is above the club on the ground.

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