Carson High orientation signals school start

Student body president Brian Rebholtz welcomed the class of 2005 and offered a couple of words of advice to the 718 incoming freshman.

Rebholtz emphasized the importance of getting involved in activities, whether it's creating a new club or trying out for a sports team.

"The biggest complaint from seniors, my friends, is that they wished they got involved freshman year," he said.

Principal Glen Adair talked about academics and the responsibility each student has for his or her own success.

"You need to be dedicated to your own future," he said. "It's your job to let us down. It's only partly our job to keep score."

Vice Principal Fred Perdomo addressed school safety and introduced the deputies who patrol the campus.

"We have a very safe school," he said, "contrary to what the rumors are."

After welcome speeches from student body officers and school administrators, students wandered the halls with maps of the school and their schedules, trying to get acquainted with the campus before school starts Tuesday.

"I think it's going to be scary the first day until I get used to it," said Sabrina McCraw, who will be a freshman this year.

Freshman Heather Harington searched for her classes with a friend who is an upper classman at Carson High.

"I'm going to get lost," Heather said.

Noah Greenspan said he's looking forward to starting his new classes and had a couple of goals in mind for the coming year.

"To get good grades and score good on tests," he said. "Also to stay out of trouble."

Students weren't the only apprehensive participants of orientation. The event also helped parents get acquainted with what CHS offers its students.

"I was pretty impressed during the assembly with the apparent dedication of all of the administrators," said Shelly Aldean, whose son is a freshman.


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