'Go, dog, go'

There will be jumping, climbing, sitting and running at the High Sierra Summer Classic this weekend - and that's just what the owners will be doing.

The dogs will be competing in the agility and obedience event, plus a conformation show for Australian Shepherds.

The agility competition is sponsored by the Quicksilver Agility Club, which joined the annual event two years ago, said Kimberly Munoz of the aclub.

It will feature both purebred and mixed breed dogs of all shapes and sizes. Dogs will be running timed obstacle courses to earn points toward the title.

The obedience show consists of long sits and stays with other dogs, heeling and more.

The Northern Nevada Australian Shepherd Club sponsors the conformation show in which the shepherds are judged on breed standards for points.

The obstacle difficulty increases with the different levels of competition, Munoz said.

The High Sierra Summer Classic attracts competitors from California, Idaho and Oregon as well as locals.

"We get a lot of spectators that are interested in what we do and a lot of locals come out and join our club after these events," Munoz said.

This is the 10th year for the event held at Fuji Park.

"It's a wonderful park with a lot of room and shade. This weekend we will have the whole park utilized," Munoz said.

More than 200 dogs with 175 handlers are expected to compete.

There will be a raffle for gift certificates and dog related products.

Raffle tickets cost 50 cents and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to local nonprofit organizations.

There will also be a $5 barbecue lunch.


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