Child endangerment and drunken driving charges dropped

Child endangerment and drunken driving charges were dropped against a Carson City business owner, after the District Attorney's Office couldn't prove the case.

Deputy District Attorney Thomas Armstrong said Tuesday charges against Sean Blocker, 29, were dropped because Blocker was not legally drunk at the time of his arrest.

"The results of the breath tests were .040 and .039 - less than half of what was required to prove a DUI," Armstrong said. "Because the child endangerment was related to the DUI charge, that charge was dropped as well."

In addition, Armstrong said a charge of no insurance was also dismissed when Blocker showed proof of insurance. Blocker was fined $40 for the speed violation.

Blocker was arrested July 14 on suspicion of child endangerment, drunken driving, speeding and no insurance. He was taken into custody and held on a $4,750 bail. Through a bail bondsman, he paid $500 and was released three hours later.

Blocker, who owns a Carson City bar, is angry he was arrested in the first place.

"I was speeding," he admitted. "But I was not drunk and my child was never in any danger."

Blocker said he believed the entire situation was blown out of proportion.

"I passed my field sobriety tests, I passed the breathalyzer. I shouldn't have been arrested," Blocker said. "And I am out $500."

Blocker said the only saving grace was an apology from Judge Robey Willis.

"The judge said 'the court formally apologizes to you,'" he said.


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