Pay respect to vets

Of all the things government pays for these days, it's a shame some money can't be found to defray the expenses of those who pay proper respect to veterans at their burial services.

The War Veterans Memorial Association has been performing the services, and its members have been glad to do it. The association has provided full military burial honrs for more than 150 veterans.

Now, though the desire remains strong, the cost has begun to take a toll on the members, who have been paying their own expenses to attend burials all over Western Nevada.

"Recently we provided honor funerals at Genoa, Carson City and Fernley in the same day," William Irons, commander of the association, told the Nevada Appeal.

At a cost of about $125 a funeral, that begins to add up.

Several people called the Appeal on Monday wondering how to donate money to the association. (The address is 333 K St., Sparks, Nev. 89431.) The group takes donations for conducting the services, but that wasn't the point Irons was making.

The real point was that the group has asked Nevada's state and federal lawmakers for some help.

It's still waiting.

Frankly, we see plenty of grants being handed out left and right for less serious stuff. The War Veterans Memorial Association could use, say, $20,000 a year to pay the expenses it incurs fulfilling the Department of Defense mandate to provide military honors at veterans' funerals.

The association members are doing their duty to respect the people who did their duty for their country. Their country ought to repay that measure of respect.


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