Supervisor questions BAC funding

Carson City supervisor Richard Staub questioned Thursday whether the city should commit $675,000 to the Brewery Arts Center.

BAC Director Joe McCarthy told supervisors the center scaled back its proposed purchase of St. Teresa of Avila Church. The center is focusing on purchasing the church itself before attempting to purchase the nearby Stewart-Nye house, used as the church rectory.

"Right now, the rectory is not in our plans," McCarthy said. "Right now we're zeroing in on the church to get that purchased while it's still on the market."

Staub said since the BAC changed it's plans, the city should revisit the issue. Staub said supervisors approved the money under certain conditions and because the plans changed, perhaps the city's "buy-in" changes as well.

McCarthy said the city's money will be used to help purchase the property as well as provide leverage to find other investors.

St. Teresa's is moving this fall to a new site off Lompa Lane, and proponents say the church's current location just west of the BAC on King Street would make a perfect addition to cultural events in the capital's downtown core. Plans call for the church to become a 350-seat concert hall with room between the church and BAC for an outdoor amphitheater, sculpture garden and for other cultural uses.

Some of the redevelopment bond money will be spent on various downtown improvements, but much of it will help fund a parking garage on Curry and Musser Streets, just south of Cal Fed Bank.


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