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Welcome, March

Since March is when the season changes it’s a sign of good things to come. We’ve had quite a winter with record snowfall and rain, so we’re more than ready to greet a bright new spring. We begin by setting our clocks forward an hour on March 12. Then, along comes St. Patrick’s Day – a bright spot after a long, gray winter with its colorful shamrocks, funny hats, merriment at bars and restaurants and plenty of green beer. It’s a happy holiday when “Everybody’s Irish.”

However, it turns out a lot of what we’ve heard about St. Paddy isn’t necessarily true. For starters, his real name was probably Maewyn Succat, which wasn’t changed to Patrick until later when he became a priest. No matter, we cheerfully toast to Saint Patrick’s health on what is thought to be the date of his death. Originally from Great Britain, not Ireland, he is credited with having driven the snakes slithering into the sea off the Emerald Isle. Supposedly one hasn’t been seen there since. This fable, although quite colorful, is more likely an allegory concerning the role he played in converting Ireland from paganism to Christianity. Further, because of the country’s geography, it is unlikely there were ever any snakes there in the first place!

As if that weren’t enough to burst our mythical bubble, the corned beef and cabbage typically served on the holiday is traditionally a Jewish dish, not Irish. Because Ireland valued cattle for their strength and dairy product production, a more likely Irish dish might have been mutton stew. Since most people find the aroma of corned beef more pleasing than mutton, it’s no surprise that’s what the Sierra Nevada Republic Women will be serving at their 20th annual St Patrick’s Day fundraising dinner on Mar. 12. The doors at St. Gall Catholic Church Pastoral Center, 1343 Centerville Ln., Gardnerville open at 4:45 p.m. with a no-host bar 5 p.m. Dinner is served at 6 p.m. by local officials. Get your reservations in now. Make checks for $35 per person payable to SNRW and mail to SNRW, P.O. Box 2504, Minden, NV 89423. Call Jacie Peters at 901-1898 with any questions. There will be raffles and prizes. If you would like to donate a gift basket, gift card or individual item for the auction contact Sharon Calvert, 901-2291.

■ Time for the Carson Valley Trails Association’s annual meeting and social 5:30-7:30 p.m. March 7. It’s free and everyone is welcome. Bring a friend and view displays, enjoy refreshments, a no-host bar and find out about current and completed trail projects, upcoming events and how you can get involved. Douglas County Community and Senior Center, 1329 Waterloo Ln., Gardnerville. Visit carsonvalleytrails.org for more information.

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