Ruhenstroth sees ark of animals |

Ruhenstroth sees ark of animals

It’s nice to be able to take Mustang to the dump and avoid the construction at the new truck stop, but please remember that this is a neighborhood filled with kids, horses and lots of outdoor activity.

Watch yourself.

This week we had a bear visiting the neighborhood.

No surprise to the regular neighbors, but a little worrisome for new folks.

Scared a lot of horses, excited every dog in the neighborhood and damaged a couple of fences.

If you have a horse, dog or bird seed outside or even in sheds, please consider putting it in a bear proof container.

These bears are foraging and will tear through anything to get to the food.

Neighbor Colleen Kennedy got a great picture of the prints near Sorrel and Karen Chaton’s friend took an amazing picture.

To this city girl, it’s all pretty exciting and I love that Karen reports we also have a very large, beautiful bobcat that frequents the area around Smelter Creek at the end of Sorrel/start of Rocking Horse near the BLM.

Haven’t spotted any of them myself, but neighbor Janet Pefley reports they have killed almost a dozen things in their yard.

Be on the lookout and check your shoes.

We spotted the peacocks the other day out near Arabian.

Not sure if they are wild now or what, but they are beautiful and it’s good to know they are surviving.

Hal Holt has been fostering two retired horses that need a permanent home.

If you can take on these beauties, please give him a call.

He also reports a hen that has been hanging out at his house, if you are missing one.

Our German shepherd mix puppy has been a little quieter, a big “thank you” to neighbor Elizabeth Rothrock for the electric collar. I know that Pam and Kim really appreciate it.

We’re waging our annual battle with mice who decide every fall that my house and travel trailer are the perfect spot for spending the winter.

I wish we weren’t allergic to cats.

I’m grateful to the visiting cats (one orange tabby and one black and white) that appear to be helping with critter control.

And of course, the critter report wouldn’t be complete without the usual dogs on the loose (now home), a missing kitten (found) and our very own coyote packs that were howling at the big, beautiful Harvest moon.

Speaking of Halloween, Corley Ranch is hosting its annual festival.

Stop by for pumpkins, canned goods and tons of fun for the whole family.

Coming up later this year is our annual Christmas light contest after Thanksgiving.

We will be looking for judges under age 18, so please let me know if any kids in your family would be willing to drive around a couple of nights before Dec. 10 and pick their favorites.

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