Love is where you find it |

Love is where you find it

Summertime fruits are one of the greatest joys of the season for me. The other day, I sliced the end off of our first full-size watermelon of the summer. Everything about that gesture, from piercing the melon's variegated green rind to the crisp sound of the blade shearing through the juicy inner flesh and landing with a thunk on the cutting board, was immensely satisfying. The scent from the melon filled me with mouthwatering anticipation. I hurried to get to the good part.

As I moved the cut end of the watermelon off to the side, something curious caught my eye. Looking more closely, I saw that the inner red circle contained what looked to be two hearts joined together by a string.

It's funny how the mind works sometimes. I immediately rationalized that this must be the watermelon's seed pattern and just as quickly realized that the thought needed to be stopped in its tracks. This wasn't a time to figure anything out; it was an opportunity to delight in something pretty special.

I set the knife down and cupped the cut end of the watermelon in my hands. I felt gratitude for that brief pause in the day, for the reminder to be present, for the sweet surprise of what I almost missed. Who knew that cutting fruit could offer such unexpected joy?

Even in the simplest of ways, love is where you find it.

Full moon Monday

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The sixth full moon of the year will illuminate the sky this Monday.

The Old Farmer's Almanac states that this moon is known as the "Full Strawberry Moon" and was named so because "the Algonquin tribes knew it as a signal to gather ripening fruit." In Europe, where strawberries are not native, it is known as the "Full Rose Moon."

Because of the June moon's lower position in the sky (when viewed from the northern hemisphere) and warm tint, it is also referred to as the "Honey Moon." Interesting, isn't it, that June is the most popular month of the year to get married.

Strawberries, roses, and honey sound like a great combination to me, and would make wonderful accompaniments for a good moon gazing. Whatever you call it, remember to look up on Monday night and bask in the glow of June's marvelous full moon.

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