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Exhibit features trio of artists

Carolyn Denning's piece, 'Timed Out.'

A new triplet of artists in mixed media are the features of the Carson Valley Arts Council gallery.

The Carson Valley Arts Council will host an artists’ reception to welcome Nancy Raven, Carolyn Denning and Cheyenne McAfee 5-7 p.m. March 25.

The reception is free and open to the public and includes complimentary refreshments.

The artists will have their work available for sale.

The reception and mixed media exhibit is at the Copeland Gallery, located at 1572 Hwy 395.

The exhibition runs through May 3.

The galley is open 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Carolyn Denning

Denning has always considered herself an artist, in her youngest years decorating her schoolwork with doodles (not always appreciated by her teachers). In high school, Denning served as art editor of the year book and was granted several national scholastic art awards. Denning attended Scripps College, graduated with an art major and finally received a Masters of Art Education from Claremont Graduate School.

The next 30 years, Denning put art production on the back burner, spending her creative energies on teaching special-needs students and finally raising, training and showing llamas. After retiring from those pursuits, she felt a need to revisit her art interests. Her earlier training had included almost every art form, which probably was why she never settled on any one thing.

In her ‘elder’ years with lack of studio space, Denning decided to concentrate on drawing, painting in watercolor, working in pastel and mixed media. She enjoys the challenge of painting all subjects. “I want my paintings to catch the viewer’s interest from afar and to reward them as they move closer. I want color to sing, and the subject to be from an interesting view point. I find that attempting to meet these criteria within various subject matters to be an artistic challenge that I enjoy and never totally accomplish.”

Cheyenne McAfee

McAfee says of herself and her work, “Primarily self taught, I have lived in the eastern Sierra for over 35 years in addition to Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. I work mainly in watercolor, both transparent and opaque. For some subject matter I prefer acrylic on canvas and for fun I do tinwork figures embellished with paint. My subject matter relates to natural things but rendered in a stylized manner with symbolic references and always a bit of whimsy.”

Past accomplishments include a Defenders of Wildlife commission of a painting to be used for their Mexican wolf poster, inclusion in the top 100 paintings for the national arts for the parks show, various commissions for poster and t-shirt designs both locally and outside the area, and first place awards and Best of Show award at juried art shows in Minden and Carson City.

Nancy Raven

Artist and musician Raven has long been passionate about both music and photography.

Her “Pinhole Properties” exhibition presents a series of photographs that she took around Minden and Gardnerville’s historic buildings and sites.

“I first learned about pinhole photography in 2005 when I took a class from pinhole master Martha Casanave, who teaches at Monterey Peninsula College,” she said. “The medium was fascinating to me, and I loved the quality of the photographs with their dreamy, noir look.”

She made the exhibition photographs using a large tin can with a small hole drilled in the side, revealing a pinprick hole inside. She then loads the tin can camera with photographic paper, which becomes paper negative when it’s exposed. After it is developed, she places the paper negative face-down on another piece of photographic paper and prints. The curve of the tin can creates the curvature in the final image.

Raven earned a master’s degree in alternative education from San Diego State College and a bachelor’s and teaching credential from Long Beach State College.

She directed a family co-op nursery school, using children’s folk music as a primary part of the curriculum. In 1963, she began recording children’s folk music and performing in school libraries and giving workshops. Over the course of many years, she made 10 CDs of this music and taught music through the California Arts Council.

Raven is a member of the Carson Valley Art Association and participates in various shows throughout the year, displaying her work in various mediums.

She has also spent time sharing music at various events at gadZooks! In Gardnerville.

For more information call Carson Valley Arts Council office at 782-8207, or visit http://www.cvartscouncil.com.