Remember When for Sept. 25 |

Remember When for Sept. 25

120 years ago

September 29, 1893

The Jacks Valley school house has been moved from the center of the valley to the east side of the road between Winters ranch and the pony saloon.

100 years ago

September 26, 1913

A social hop will be given this evening at the Carson Valley Improvement Club’s hall, Minden and is the opening dance given by Miss Helene Fitzgerald of Los Angeles, who is here to open a school of dancing.

80 years ago

September 29, 1933

In most states of the union, using reasonable caution, a motorist need have little fear of being fined for speeding, reports the secretary of state’s office. Eighteen states, including Nevada, have no highway speed limits.

50 years ago

October 3, 1963

State Highway Engineer Otis Wright said last week that if a sewage tunnel is dug through Kingsbury, the Highway Department would consider favorably the enlargement of the tunnel to include a highway.

25 years ago

September 29, 1988

South Lake Tahoe police and Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies arrested three South Lake Tahoe men Friday in connection with at least 10 residential and commercial burglaries.

10 years ago

September 24, 2003

After a year of settling in, the China Spring Youth Camp dedicates its women’s facility, the Aurora Pines Girls Facility on Thursday.

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