Remember When for May 11 |

Remember When for May 11

120 years ago

May 11,1896

The windstorm of last Friday did much damage to growing grain in the Valley, especially at Mottsville and Fredericksburg.

100 years ago

May 11,1916

A fire at the ranch of Mrs. A. Radloff about a half-mile beyond the Lutheran Church happened Saturday morning at 10 a.m.

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80 years ago

May 11,1936

Katherine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Schrengohst of Minden, was seriously injured Saturday night when an automobile went out of control and turned over.

50 years ago

May 11,1966

Fireman today were still unsure of the cause of a fire that gutted the Sage theatre and threatened much of the downtown Gardnerville business district.

25 years ago

May 11,1991

A blaze caused by a propane leak destroyed a Bodie Flats mobile home Friday morning.

20 years ago

May 11,1996

A 14-year-old Ranchos boy is listed in stable condition after being struck by a commercial vehicle Wednesday afternoon.

10 years ago

May 11,2006

As the cost of the County Road Highway 88 roundabout and additional roadwork approaches $1 million, State Department of Transportation officials are expected to award a bid within two weeks.

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