Remember When for June 1 |

Remember When for June 1

120 years ago

June 1, 1896

Miss Christina Klotz took the school census in Genoa and found 82 children of school age.

100 years ago

June 2, 1916

Beginning June 1, the afternoon mail at the Gardnerville post office will leave at 4:20 instead of 3:30.

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80 years ago

June 5, 1936

Farmers of Douglas County will be paid an average of $20.90 an acre for soil conserving practices under the federal soil conservation and domestic allotment act.

50 years ago

June 2, 1966

Phillip A. Denning today is an inmate at the Nevada State Prison, serving a term of one to five years for the near fatal beating of State Supreme Court Justice Frank McNamee.

25 years ago

June 2, 1991

Nearly 200 people attended the funeral of 21-year-old murder victim Dion Clint James.

20 years ago

June 1, 1996

Douglas County Manager Julio Avael has not officially decided to leave Nevada, but said he is heavily considering accepting a position offered to him in Key West, Fla.

10 years ago

June 2, 2006

A group of North Douglas County residents involved in a class action lawsuit will receive more than $7 million after settling with Syncon Homes.

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