Remember When for Jan. 1 |

Remember When for Jan. 1

120 years ago

January 5, 1894

The streets of Genoa are a glare of ice due to the overflowing of the water ditches that run through town. More than one person has taken a bad fall due to the icy condition.

100 years ago

January 2, 1914

Some interest is being shown in the reported oil discovery in Spring Gulch basin near Buckskin. H.O. Ballertein of Ludwig, Lyon County, was one of the first to locate oil ground in Spring Gulch basin.

80 years ago

January 5, 1934

Nevada state officials like to use the colors of the rainbow in writing their signatures, but sometimes regulations prevent them from satisfying their desires. Gov. Fred B. Balzar always signs official documents in bright green ink while Attorney General Mashburn uses an exotic hue known to its makers as “South Sea Blue.”

50 years ago

January 2, 1964

Two key members of the hilarious Harlem Stars basketball team which is to appear here on Jan. 4 are Aturo Agard and “Honey Bear” Morgan. The Stars play the Douglas County High School teachers at 8:00 p.m. in the high school gymnasium.

25 years ago

January 5, 1989

Douglas County law enforcement rang in the New Year arresting brawlers and sniffing out bombs in what Lt. Jim Bratton says “was a potentially dangerous,” night.

10 years ago

January 2, 2004

Employees at several businesses along the Highway 395 corridor through Gardnerville and Minden arrived at work to find broken windows the morning of New Year’s Eve.

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