Remember When for Feb. 11 |

Remember When for Feb. 11

120 years ago

February 8,1895

The Woman’s suffrage bill before the assembly in Carson was defeated this week.

100 years ago

February 19,1915

The most extensive outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease ever known in the United States now seems to be under control, as a result of the vigorous policy of eradication followed.

80 years ago

February 8,1935

Boulder Lake was a reality Monday, the backed-up waters of the Colorado River forming a lake 10 miles long and 30 feet deep behind the vast concrete rampart of Boulder dam.

50 years ago

February 11,1965

The proposed Daggett Pass Tunnel, recently given a boost from “private financing,” acquired question marks on both ends Friday, when Douglas County Commissioner asked the “why.”

25 years ago

February 11,1990

Mercury poisoning of the Carson River will be the topic of a public hearing tomorrow in Carson City.

20 years ago

February 9,1995

Demolition of the old Miller’s Market could begin as early as March. The Record-Courier plans to relocate its newspaper publishing and printing operations as well as The Print Shop to a new building it will construct on the site in Gardnerville.

10 years ago

February 9, 2005

Assessed valuation of properties in Douglas County is expected to rise an unprecedented 19.2 percent for the upcoming fiscal year.

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