Remember When for Aug. 21 |

Remember When for Aug. 21

120 years ago

August 25, 1893

The duck law as passed by the legislature of 1893 makes it unlawful to hunt ducks before September 15. The season has opened previously on September 1.

100 years ago

August 29, 1913

At Walley’s Springs last Saturday a reunion of the Dressler family was held in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dressler, the pioneers, who are here from Haywards on a visit to their children.

80 years ago

August 25, 1933

During the heavy electrical storm last Wednesday night a torrent of muddy water from a cloud burst swelled Pleasant Valley Creek, flowed into the troughs at the Alpine County fish hatchery and killed 600,000 of the 1,000,000 young trout being reared in the hatchery.

50 years ago

August 22, 1963

The Carson Valley Lions Club is celebrating its 10th birthday by giving $100 to the Douglas County High School Memorial Scholarship Fund. Proceeds from the July 22 breakfast held in the Minden Park made this gift possible.

25 years ago

August 25, 1988

With one of the more influential decisions facing Minden in decades, the town board is asking residents to make their feelings known regarding a plan to lease water rights to a central district.

10 years ago

August 20, 2003

The Beverly Hillbillies Mansion & Casino, a $54 million casino complex, would replace the vacant Wal-Mart building on the south end of Carson City if Max Baer Jr. has his way. Baer, who played the doltish Jethro in the popular 1960s sitcom “The Beverly Hillbillies,” expects to have the project up and running by June 2004.

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