Remember When for April 2 |

Remember When for April 2

120 years ago

April 6, 1894

Road Supervisor Henry Walker has been engaged dragging the roads through the Valley, putting them in good shape for the summer travel.

100 years ago

April 3, 1914

Gardnerville is to have a three story brick building, construction of which is to begin next month. This paper is not at liberty at this time to reveal the identity of the builder

80 years ago

April 6, 1934

In the case of Douglas County Farmers Bank, which was closed by J.E. Seaborn, state bank examiner on September 21, 1931 and which has been under his supervision since that date, was given a court hearing at Minden yesterday, after which Judge Clark Guild issued an order transferring assets of the bank to depositors corporation, composed of Henry Lampe, Wm. Graunke, H.L. Dressler, Miss Josephine Hellwinkel and Raymond Borda.

50 years ago

April 2, 1964

The last body was brought down from sorrowful Genoa Peak on Monday afternoon, and today nothing remains but the tragic bits of wreckage to indicate the place where 85 persons lost their lives last month in the crash of a Paradise Airlines plane.

25 years ago

April 6, 1989

Officials were still searching Wednesday for a suspect who robbed the First Interstate Bank in Gardnerville and escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash.

10 years ago

April 2, 2004

The Genoa Volunteer Fire Department is donating a fire engine along with extra equipment to the Golpoint Firebusters.

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