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English as a Second Language hosts tutor training

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A free English as a Second Language Tutor Training Workshop is being held 1-3 p.m. Saturday, at the Douglas County Public Library. The ESL In-Home Program focuses on tutoring English to non-English speaking parents.

The program needs tutors in Douglas County because:

Children whose parents reported literacy difficulties had a 72 percent chance of being in the lowest reading level in school tests (compared to 25 percent of children in the lowest reading level overall).

Low-skilled parents cannot read to their children, nor encourage a love of learning. When low-skilled adults improve their literacy skills, this impacts the literacy of their children. With these new skills they can help a child with homework, read notes sent home from school, understand the school system their children engage in, and guide and encourage them.

Children of parents who are not involved in their education are more likely to display behavioral problems, get poor grades, have a high-absentee rate, repeat school years, or drop out of school.

Children from the poorest homes are almost a year behind their middle-class counterparts by the time they start school.

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"We have many parents on a wait-list who are anxious to learn English in order to help their children with homework and other school activities," ESL Founder and Executive Director Florence Phillips said.

For more information, call Laurie Dircksen at 267-9642.