Backyard ponds a cool respite from summer’s sunny heat |

Backyard ponds a cool respite from summer’s sunny heat

Humans are just naturally attracted to water. It’s often featured in commercials because it helps form a link from the product with a feeling of calming relaxation. Merely watching the light dance on a pond’s surface is a pleasurable experience in itself. Attraction to water can be as deeply rooted as our DNA. Since humans are designed to benefit from it, good old H20 becomes genetically advantageous for people to gravitate toward. It is thought that being rich in omega-3e fatty acids, seafood nourishes our relatively large brains and it makes sense that those of our ancestors choosing to live near seaside locations got better nutrients to stay healthy and passed it on to their offspring. Since we are not the only species attracted to living near bodies of water, it bodes well for hunting. Thus, humans living nearby had an abundance of mammals, birds, fish, and plants growing at water’s edge making it easier to maintain a balanced diet. Our innate attraction to water is probably part of what makes pools, ponds and water-features so popular in people’s yards without it even occurring to us why.

This summer you are invited to spend a refreshing day enjoying some of the most beautiful yards at private homes throughout the Carson Valley. On July 21, you can join the Northern Nevada Pond Club for its annual, self-guided tour. It begins at 9 a.m. in Gardnerville and runs until 1 p.m. Then in the afternoon the tour moves on to Carson City continuing there until 4 p.m. Tickets are just $10 per person, or $15 a couple and are on sale at Carson Valley Garden & Ranch Center, 1144 Hwy 395, Gardnerville, or Greenhouse Garden Center, 2450 S. Curry St., Carson City. They include maps of all locations included in the tour.

Attention vintage automobile owners. AACA and NNPC club member Bill Sugden has arranged a special discount for anyone driving an old car or truck on the tour of just $10 a couple. Those wishing to take part should meet at the east end of the parking lot at the Douglas County Community and Senior Center on Waterloo in Gardnerville at 8:30 a.m. You may purchase your specially priced tickets with maps there. Please call 790-1355 with any questions.

Not taking the pond tour? Then here’s something unrelated, but too unusual to miss mentioning. Have you heard of “Friend Speed Dating? “ It will also be taking place on July 21. The Minden Library hosts a chance to meet people in the community and make new friends at this low-key social event. Adults ages 50 and over are invited to get acquainted here where a set amount of time is allotted to chat with each person. Refreshments follow the “getting to know you” period. It should be fun to see what this is all about and possibly foster some new friendships. The Minden Library is at 1625 Library Lane. Call 782-9841 with questions.