Arts council welcomes new exhibits |

Arts council welcomes new exhibits

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Paul Leary's 'Genoa Barn Sunset' is an example of his photography that will be on diplay at the Copeland Gallery until Oct. 3.
Paul Leary |

The next art exhibit at the Carson Valley Arts Council’s Copeland Gallery features photography by partners Paul Leary and Katherine Pacheco.

The show runs Monday through Oct. 3.

The arts council will be hosting an artist’s reception 5-7 p.m. Aug. 7.

Refreshments will be served and it is free to the public.


Paul Leary’s first introduction to photography was in high school where he would shoot and develop black and white film in class. He received a second-place ribbon for a black and white photo taken at the San Diego Super cross. The ribbon was awarded at the San Diego Del Mar Fair in 1990. Since then he has always had a love for photography. “Fast forward 20 years later after working numerous jobs that would bring empty satisfaction to me, I learned that my true happiness and love for the art of photography would be the object of desire,” Leary said.

Leary has spent countless hours watching educational videos, reading photography articles and learning from pro photographers such as Karl Taylor, a professional landscape, fashion and product photographer from the UK and from Joshua Cripps and Jim Patterson, professional landscape photographers that travel the world together offering landscape photography workshops. Leary said he eventually saved money and attended a Yosemite Fall workshop with a group of photographers led by Joshua Cripps and Jim Patterson where he took his photography skills and composition to the next level. In the months to follow, Leary would purchase portable lighting equipment, multiple lenses and approach friends and families to offer his services free of charge for experience and love for the art.

Leary has many hours of studio photography but is especially fond of shooting outdoor portraits and producing images that are individually tailored to the needs and personality of each person or family.

Leary was asked to donate his landscape photography for auction at the National Wild Turkey Federation in 2014. He is also donating his time and efforts to do a professional calendar shoot for owners with pets who have cancer. In the past year he has shot portraits for multiple families, infants, friends and friends of friends. He feels to be recognized and sought after for services that preserve memories and bring happiness to others is truly rewarding.

Outside of photography, Leary is in a committed relationship with Katherine Pacheco who is his support system and who enjoys photography as well. They spend their free time hiking, photographing, traveling and enjoying the beautiful area that Lake Tahoe offers.


Katherine Pacheco’s interest in photography started when she was in high school. This is where she learned about developing negatives, developing film, the use of a dark room, where she would find creative ways of layering negatives for a final image. Layering negatives was one of her favorite things to do, because it allowed her to explore and be creative in her own way she said. She also had one of her photographs featured at her high school.

Pacheco not only has an interest in photography, but in other art forms such as drawing, pottery and painting which she has dabbled in. Although she put photography aside for some years after high school, she has entered this field as a profession in doing all kinds of portraits, with the focus on family and toddler to teenage portraiture. She recently expanded into landscape photography. The drive to get back into photography stemmed from the support of her partner Paul Leary.

“One of the joys I have with photography is finding moments of an individual’s expression, beauty, innocence and character,” Pacheco said. “And in landscape, the joy is finding the beauty that surrounds us every day that may go unnoticed by others. I have no one favorite part of photography, as it depends on the day and feeling I am having while being creative. One day I may feel being more direct and forward with my photography and others that creativity might be exploding and decide to layer images together.” Her philosophy is “Do what the feeling and mind brings you, and then create.”

Aside from photography, she enjoys being outdoors, has the desire to travel our world. She is known to enjoy people watching. One of her most favorite people sightings is two elderly people walking hand in hand and interacting with one another. She “enjoys the purity of our elders as this is a rare sighting amongst our generations these days. She also enjoys spending time with loved ones from family and friends.”

For more information call the Carson Valley Arts Council office at 782-8207.

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The Copeland Gallery is located at 1572 Highway 395, Minden.

The Gallery is open 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Saturday.