Paranormal investigators roll into Markleeville |

Paranormal investigators roll into Markleeville

Staff Reports

On Saturday, Northern Nevada Ghost Hunters and Afterworld Paranormal will be coming to Markleeville for a real ghost investigation at the Alpine County Historical Complex.

Fully equipped with cameras, meters, recorders, and all the tools used by paranormal investigators, they will investigate the museum, historic Webster School and the jail.

Organizers claim several unexplained events have happened over the years in the complex.

“A good sized statue of an eagle that was sitting on top of a bookshelf at closing was found the next morning on the floor about six feet away,” organizers said. “If the eagle had simply fallen off the shelf it could not have rolled that distance because of the out stretched wings.”

Light tinkling of metal has also been heard from the antique work desk where Harry Hawkins repaired clocks.

Several workers after closing and locking the front door have heard the buzzer that sounds when someone enters the museum. Going to the front door of the museum they find no one has entered, they check the door again to make sure they locked it. The door is always locked.

One worker reported the paper of the guest register being lifted up as if someone was looking at the pages, when no one was there.

“There must be a logical explanation, an open window, heater vent blowing air,” organizers said. “No logical explanation could be found, no open window, no vent blowing air that was enough for her. She locked the door, alarmed everything and went home.”

Another incident involved a speaker on a shelf high on the wall found on the floor broken.

“They had been listening to ’80s rock the day before,” organizers said. “I guess someone doesn’t like ’80s rock.”

It’s not just inside the museum where the unexplained has happened. A contractor working on the south exterior of the museum heard voices, he went to tell them the museum was closed. He could find no one. This reportedly happened three times.

Northern Nevada Ghost Hunters conducted a pre-investigation at the end of August to get readings to compare against what they may find on Saturday. They picked up voices on the recorders in different locations in the jail, school house, and museum.

“These are still being evaluated and will be available for ticket holders on Saturday. These will be played, plus camera footage from the pre-investigation,” organizers said. “Plus, film footage from other investigations in Nevada and California.”

Northern Nevada Ghost Hunters and Afterworld Paranormal are nonprofit groups with a desire to understand the world of the paranormal. All their service are provided free of charge.

The investigation starts at 8:30 p.m. Tickets are $15 per person at the Markleeville museum. Guests need to dress warmly, and bring a flashlight.

A meet and greet with the Northern Nevada Ghost Hunters and Afterworld Paranormal is 6-8 p.m. at the Alpine Hotel, Wolf Creek Restaurant. Wolf Creek Restaurant will offer a 10 percent off food items with each paranormal investigation ticket.

All proceeds benefit the Alpine County Historical Society. Tickets are limited, so early purchase is recommended.

For tickets and information call the museum at (530) 694- 2317.