Moe Bandy and TG Sheppard perform at TJ’s Corral |

Moe Bandy and TG Sheppard perform at TJ’s Corral

by Sarah Hauck
Tickets are now on sale for Moe Bandy and TG Sheppard for Aug. 8 at TJ's Corral.
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Familiar faces will grace a familiar stage to play familiar songs Aug. 8 when Moe Bandy and TG Sheppard play a concert at the Carson Valley Inn’s TJ’s Corral.

Tickets are still available for the duo’s performance that begins at 8 p.m.

“It’s fun when you have a fellow entertainer with you that you think a lot of and want to be near,” Sheppard said. “We thought it would be fun to come out to that part of the country and do a show together.”

The pair does half a dozen shows together a year Sheppard said.

Joining forces in Minden they hope to give the audience a smash up to two shows.

“We thought maybe we would team up together and give people a chance to get their money with,” the Tennessee native said. “This was one of those dates that we added (to the tour) because Moe and I decided to do it together. We’ve played there before and loved it so much. My dear friend Stu Stewart called and asked if we’d come and we obliged because we love playing there.”

Although duets are not part of the set, No. 1 songs from both men are sure to fill the outdoor concert arena.

Sheppard has plenty of hit songs to share, having 21 throughout his music career that spans five decades.

“All of your No. 1 songs are like children, saying which one is your favorite is tough,” Sheppard said. “I try to pick the song that the fans will remember the most and do those. I just get one stage and let them unfold on their own. I throw songs in I hadn’t planned on doing and sometimes someone in the crowd will suggest something so we play that. Our songs are very spontaneous.”

Hits like “Party Time” and “Last Cheaters Waltz” are sure to be played.

Sheppard’s music industry career which includes producing music, being a spokesperson for the Folgers NASCAR team and opening country music meccas Guitars and Cadillacs, allows him to travel and explore.

“I enjoy the different environment of every show,” Sheppard said. I enjoy the different audiences. I enjoy going to those places because it keeps the music and the shows fresh for me. I enjoy seeing our great country and the scenery. I’m a big tourist. I like to go and play tourist. I get to enjoy life the same time that I’m working.”

A side project while touring the United States, Sheppard is working on a new album of duets that include Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Tanya Tucker, who will grace the stage at CVI July 3.

“This is the longest time I have spent putting an album together. It has been a five year process,” Sheppard said. “I have had so many artists that I have invited, they are all icons, and it was a scheduling issues. I hope to be able to put a title to it soon.”

The album is scheduled to release this fall.

Before that, Sheppard looks forward to returning to the Valley.

“I love that hotel. I played there about two years ago and to becoming back in August, I’m really excited about it,” Sheppard said. “It is one of those hotels that has so much character and you feel so good when you’re there. It’s like being on vacation. The people and staff that run the hotel are some of the best I’ve worked with. It’s always a pleasure to come to Nevada, but especially that part of Nevada.”

Tickets are $29 and available now at

Doors open at 6:45 p.m. and the show starts at 7:30 p.m.