Methodist church hosts annual rummage sale |

Methodist church hosts annual rummage sale

by Abby Pitman
Sharon Calvert inflates a 12-foot Santa that will be one of many items for sale at the Carson Valley United Methodist Church's annual rummage sale.
Jim Grant | The Record-Courier

The Carson Valley Methodist Church “builds a store in a week” in order to hold their annual rummage sale according to volunteer Sylvia Terzich.

The rummage sale is 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Friday, and continuing 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday. The church will be taking donations until the sale starts.

Sharon Calvert and Al Baumruck are in charge of the sale; Calvert has been involved in this for three years, whereas Baumruck has been involved since the sale debuted four years ago.

“So far the most expensive item we have is a (16-foot Catalina) sail boat with a trailer,” Calvert said. Calvert and Baumruck agree, the boat is in excellent condition and are asking for $2,000 for both.

All of the proceeds go to the maintenance of the church according to Calvert, and the things that don’t sell will be moved down the road to Helping Hands Charity on Industrial Way, which the church founded.

Though this is a rummage sale, the church works hard to make sure that everything is clean and usable according to Calvert.

“We don’t sell anything that is broken.” Calvert said. “We want to make sure everything we sell works.”

In the middle of this conversation, her words proved to be true. Calvert was addressed multiple times from other volunteers about sub-standard items. For example, a plate was thrown away because of a chip in it, and dishtowels were examined for stains.

“Everything is checked; we won’t sell a lamp that won’t work,” Calvert said.

“We have a three minute or a three mile warranty, whatever comes first,” Baumrick said.

The sale consists of four rooms indoor, and the big parking lot outside.

“We’re making full use of the church,” said Terzich.

Each room offers something different with items such as clothes, purses, shoes, books, toys appliances, linens, jewelry, electronics, and season and holiday items.

In the parking lot is where customers can find outdoor appliances such as grills, skis, lawnmowers as well as furniture.

“Last year a woman came in and tried on a wedding dress we had for sale. She went into one of the rooms and tried it on, she came out and all the women started clapping. It fit perfectly and she bought it for $35 dollars. It’s fun, because you just never know,” Terzich said.