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Karaoke in the park offers family-friendly entertainment

by Caryn Haller

Gardnerville resident Ted Nagel has been hosting karaoke at adult venues around the Valley for 15 years.

Wanting to create a more family-friendly event, Nagel hosts free karaoke in the park 5 to 8 p.m. Wednesdays at Heritage Park.

“I think our area needs more things families can do together. There’s no place for kids around here to do karaoke,” Nagel said. “People can come out and just listen to the singing. Our area has a ton of vocal talent.”

Nagel has 22,000 song titles in all genres from the 1940s to present.

“I have books people can look through to find songs to sing. I even have a few rap songs,” Nagel said. “If there’s two people we’ll go back and forth, and if there’s 20 people then we’ll go through the whole list and start over at the top so everybody gets a chance to sing.”

At the end of summer, Nagel will host a karaoke competition where the top three singers win a trophy and possible cash prize.

“If you don’t play an instrument, it gives you the opportunity to express your vocal skills or just show off,” Nagel said.

Nagel will also hand pick his favorite singers for his community access television show, Sierra Star Singers, which will air weekly starting in August.

“I’ve already recorded 10 people with three songs each,” Nagel said. “I’m editing it now.”

The first karaoke in the park was July 10, and had eight singers.

For more information, call 720-8316.