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High school artists display creations

by Caryn Haller

Douglas High School senior Sasha Ewbank is reflected in her artwork at th school's annual art show in May.
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More than 300 pieces will be on display during Douglas High School’s spring art show Thursday.

Mediums represented will consist of drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, screen printing and graphics and welding with musical performances by the jazz band and Madrigals.

“It’s a nice thing where everyone comes together and incorporates all the arts together,” photography, drawing and painting teacher K.C. Brennan said. “The creativity is on high rating this year as usual. They’ve taken what they’ve learned and applied it. The art show really shows what our students are involved in, and the talent they have.”

Kelley Yosts’ ceramics students are displaying pop art pieces that range from potato chip bags to boxing bananas.

Senior Daisy Tanner sculpted a fantasy book with quotes from her favorite authors, J.R. R.Tolkien, Douglas Adams and H.P. Lovecraft. She also incorporated an anchor, dragon and feathered snake coming out of the pages.

“I wanted to do something with imagination, and without bounds. I had stuff coming out of the book because books come alive,” the 17-year-old said. “I’m just hoping people get it, and it’s not too much. Books were a huge staple of my childhood, and I wanted to recreate that.”

Myriah Farmer’s inspiration for her piece came from her younger brother. She created a Master Chief from the video game “Halo.”

“My brother loves it, so I made it for him,” she said. “I think it’s pretty good. His legs are a little big. They kept falling off, so I had to add more clay.”

The 17-year-old junior used coil techniques and pinch potting to bring her character to life.

“I really enjoy that you can take the basic techniques and do whatever you want,” Myriah said. “It really takes on your personality.”

The spring art show is 6 to 8 p.m. in the high school media center. Admission is free.