Genoa hosts Mary Kaye for Christmas concert |

Genoa hosts Mary Kaye for Christmas concert

by Sarah Hauck
Mary Kaye Knaphus will perform at Genoa's Cowboy Christmas 6:30-8:30 p.m.Friday.
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What: Mary Kaye concert

When: 6:30 p.m. Friday

Where: Genoa Town Hall

Tickets: $20 adults, $15 children 12 and younger

Info: 782-8696

Although Mary Kaye Knaphus’ cowboy music is familiar to Genoa, her Christmas music will be new as she performs Friday night in the town hall.

A Cowboy Festival veteran, Knaphus, takes to the stage at 6:30 p.m. to share a different kind of concert than those familiar with her music would expect.

“This is going to be very different than some of the other concerts I do,” Knaphus said. “I think people are use to me singing certain songs, but this concert is very geared towards Christmas. There are Christmas originals that are different than the songs people are use to hearing me sing.”

Knaphus has been singing and song writing just short of 10 years after a friend encouraged her to buy a guitar during her pregnancy with her 10th child.

Since then she has written a Christmas song almost every year.

“I don’t have a Christmas song for this year yet. I don’t try and force myself to write music. I try to let it happen spontaneously. I will see how things go. Maybe Genoa will inspire me,” Knaphus said.

Knaphus’ Christmas tunes will still have the cowboy, western feel that her fans would expect from her.

“My original songs are more about Christmas in the west and how it is very unique. It is Christmas music, but cowboy style which is a really different experience,” Knaphus said.

Chairwoman of the Christmas show Sue Knight hopes that the change in the Christmas show will be just what Genoa needs this holiday season.

“We’ve had the Comstock Cowboys for many years. As much as they (Genoa residents) love the Comstock Cowboys, they are kind of thrilled that we are changing and are very excited for it,” Knight said. “Change is good sometimes.”

Knight likes to refer to Knaphus as Genoa’s sweetheart.

“Everyone has fallen in love with her. She’s a beautiful woman. She sings like an angel and she just has an incredible voice. She’s just a winner in Genoa,” Knight said. “ I have not heard her Christmas music in person and I just think it’s really a wonderful fit for Genoa, and I think people are going to love her concert.”

Appetizers and a no host bar will be available an hour before the concert starts.

Knaphus’ CD will also be on sale before the show as well as during intermission.

Genoa has hosted Knaphus for the past five years at Cowboy Festival and is excited to be back in the town that launched her career.

“I’m excited because whether the audience knows it or not, the audience brings a lot to the table. Whether they are excited and have the Christmas spirit with them; they really have a great effect. I design each program around the venue. Genoa will be it’s own concert,” Knapus said. “You just never know what you’re going to get. Every concert has its own Christmas miracle. I’m excited to share it with my friends in Genoa. It’s definitely more fun when you share it with friends. Live music can bring the spirit of Christmas easier and faster than any present under the tree. The best present you can give yourself is to sit down and let live music take over you.”

Tickets are $20 for adults and $15 for children 12 years and younger.

They can be purchased at the Genoa Town office by calling 782-8696.