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Genoa Bar topic of new book

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“That is a good idea,” Genoa Bar owners, Willy and Cindy Webb replied when local author, Sandie La Nae, asked to write a book about Nevada’s First Thirst Parlor.

During an October 2013 Halloween event given by Kim Copel, founder of Genoa Historic Ghost Tours, La Nae spoke of her idea in creating a souvenir booklet for the saloon to the Webbs, who were attending the affair also.

“I mentioned that I had visions of a 20-page keepsake for the bar’s patrons and visitors,” La Nae said. “But, when the book was being written it took on a life of its own.”

Five months later, the finished product had grown into 117 pages filled with historic facts, ghostly stories, and is graphic heavy.

“This book is a tribute to the Webbs for their guardianship of a Nevada treasure, and to the building for celebrating its 160th anniversary this year…as the State is commemorating its 150th birthday,” La Nae said. “First built when the area was Utah Territory, this structure has definitely stood the test of time. The Webbs have also been impressively instrumental in fostering historic interest in this Genoa icon.”

La Nae has written several books she terms as historic/paranormal. Her newest volume, “The Old Genoa Bar” was written in the same venue. One section of the book includes spirit findings from the paranormal investigation group Sandie has been a member of since 2005 – Thin Veil Investigators – during explorations of the saloon. Too, stories and pictures from the bar’s owners and family, staff and patrons are printed among the pages.

In another segment of the book, La Nae presents historic facts.

“I was very fortunate in learning the complete genealogy of the building’s titleholders since the mid-1850s, thanks to Douglas County Deputy Recorder II, Aubrey Rowlatt,” La Nae said. “Her aid in my search of proprietors was invaluable for discovering just who possessed the bar and when.”

Arline La Ferry, a Nevada Historical Society docent, researched more information on the people who held the bar’s title: their lives, their personalities, their positions in the Genoa community.

“Arline’s research was a momentous asset for this book in regards to historical documentations,” La Nae said. “This remarkable material fills up the first 20 pages of the book.”

Other chapters include descriptions of the bar’s original furnishings, personalities who have imbibed at the saloon, shows filmed inside or around the building, and media representing events of the tavern. Additional noteworthy stories are cited from interviews with bartenders Marty Adamson, Peggy Casentini, Darin Grant, Elesha Oltman, Lindsay McInnery, Ellie McIntire and of course, Willy and Cindy Webb.

A book signing is 11 a.m.-3 p.m. April 26 at the Genoa Bar, 2282 Main St. Legendary Blues Man, Bobby Jo Holman, will be performing during the book signing. And, producer Michael J. Smith of La Nae’s access TV show, “Psychic Creations” will be filming this event for an episode.

“Come on over to the Genoa Bar Saturday the 26th and get your pretty face of TV,” La Nae said.

“The Old Genoa Bar,” in paperback form, will be available for purchase at the signing. It is also available at La Nae’s website The Genoa Bar will continually keep copies of the volume as well.