Gardnerville church hosts ultimate Frisbee games |

Gardnerville church hosts ultimate Frisbee games

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Carson Valley United Methodist Church is hosting weekly ultimate Frisbee games starting Sunday.

The games are free to the public at 1:45 p.m. at the church.

“We want to attract young families, single people, or anyone else to our church to experience a safe, fun, and free of charge athletic activity with other people,” organizer Mark Dorio said. “Absolutely all ages 12 and up are welcome. Anyone and everyone is welcome regardless of membership at our church or any other church.”

Ultimate Frisbee is 100 percent noncontact, co-ed, and similar to a combination of football and basketball in terms of rules. There are two teams. The team with the Frisbee will pass the Frisbee to other teammates who in turn must stand in the place of catching the Frisbee. This continues until a touchdown is scored. The other team then gets possession of the frisbee.

“Ultimate Frisbee is one of those unique sports in which people of all skill levels can participate and be of relatively equal value to their respective teams,” Dorio said. “It also allows for practically as much exercise as one desires, while having a lot fun and experiencing team fellowship.”

Dorio played the game in college, directing ultimate Frisbee clubs in Reno, Carson City and Carson Valley.

“I like ultimate Frisbee because I am very, very, lazy, and in order to exercise I need a lot of social interaction,” he said. “Ultimate Frisbee offers a ton of running, combined with socializing and a great deal of athleticism depending on how seriously one desires to take the game.”

Games are every Sunday following the contemporary worship service at 12:45.

Carson Valley United Methodist Church is located at 1375 Centerville Lane in Gardnerville.

For more information, call 782-4600.