Food Truck Festival feeds 4,000 people |

Food Truck Festival feeds 4,000 people

by Caryn Haller
Shannon Litz

Mouthwatering aromas from a dozen different food trucks wafted across the Carson Valley Inn parking lot Saturday during the casino’s inaugural Food Truck Festival

More than 4,000 people dined on hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, pasta, tri-tip sandwiches, tacos, wraps and more.

Gardnerville resident Bart Andrews and his family shared tastes from a selection of food trucks.

Andrews couldn’t decide if he preferred the marinara and Parmesan cheese-covered french fries or the hotdog topped with bacon and fried peppers the most.

“I don’t eat them at home, only here or at a fair,” he said of the hotdog. “It was very good.”

His daughter, Cathy Davis, was sold on the fried ravioli.

“It’s different and very unique,” the Gardnerville resident said.

Minden resident Don Hunt enjoyed the Capone sandwich, thinly-sliced beef topped with a white sauce and peppers.

“It’s very good. It has a lot of good flavors in it,” he said. “I’ve talked to other people and have been to food truck festivals elsewhere. They’ve got a good variety here.”

Being fans of the Food Network show “Great Food Truck Race,” Michelle Deep and her mother Bonny Adams were excited to have the festival in town.

“I wanted to support the one that came to our local area,” Deep said. “I hear the words ‘food truck’ and I have to come.”

Deep was eating the pulled pork sandwich and fries from Sauce Wagon, and Adams had the tri-tip sandwich with baked beans.

“It has a spicy pineapple slaw on it. I love it,” Deep said. “When I think of food trucks, I think of home cooking. It’s everyday people putting their heart and soul into their food.”

Standing in line at the taco truck, Johnson Lane resident John Heise said he and his wife had a hard time deciding between ribs or tacos.

“We went with the tacos because I wanted to see how authentic it is,” Heise said.

Business was howling at the Hot Dog Rod truck, modeled after a 1924 Model T, as a crowd of people waited for a bacon-wrapped hotdog or pineapple and bacon-topped hamburger.

“We’ve been nonstop all day,” proprietor Areli Mata said of the family-owned business. “The food truck business is exciting. We like the rush.”

CVI sales manager Bill Henderson said after the success of Saturday’s festival, the casino will be hosting more in the future.

“One of the vendors said it was his best day ever, and the others said they were very pleased with their sales and the attitudes of the people,” he added. “What was really popular were the activities for the kids. The entire time, there were people on the climbing wall. It was very much a success, and we’re glad we did it.”