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Damascus Road Christian Assembly hosts Creation Carnival on Saturday

Staff Reports

Shannon Litz

Damascus Road Christian Assembly is hosting a Creation Carnival 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday.

In the morning children will learn about the six days of creation, followed by carnival entertainment in the afternoon.

“Kids are exposed to a lot of stuff in school about evolution and we want people to know there is an alternative view to what they learn in school,” Pastor Jesse Miller said.”We want to emphasize creation and that we can trust our Bible.”

Children ages 3 to 12 will rotate through five different stations over the course of two hours. The activities and lessons that are being taught are from the Answer in Genesis VBS curriculum “Incrediworld Amazement Park.”

At the Creation Station, children will learn the Bible teaches that the Lord created the world in six literal days and rested on the seventh.

“They will learn what He created on each day and how He made it all from nothing,” organizers said.

The Worldview Station is next in the rotation.

“Here the children will learn to always wear their Bible glasses,” organizers said. “The children will learn how important it is to have a biblical worldview and to always go to the Bible first for answers. They will learn that the Bible is God’s written word to us. And every word is true.”

The Gospel Station teaches children about salvation.

“The children will learn what it means to admit, believe, and forever receive. At this station the children will be provided with the complete picture of salvation, starting from the beginning,” organizers said. “They will lean how God lovingly and mercifully provided a way of salvation for us through His Son Jesus Christ, who fulfilled the promise given to us in the book of Genesis.”

The Design Station delves into the animal world.

“At this station the children will be learning about an incredible group of animals, birds,” organizers said. ”The children will learn about God’s magnificent handiwork and how He purposefully designed his creatures. They couldn’t just have happened, God made them that way.”

The final station takes children back to the time of dinosaurs.

“Here the children will practice wearing their Bible glasses and learn the truth about these amazing creatures,” organizers said. “They will learn a correct biblical view of history and that dinosaurs are even mentioned in the Bible.”

The carnival will include games, a dunk tank and barbecue all free to the community.

Damascus Road Christian Assembly is located at 974 Tillman Lane in Gardnerville.

For more information, call 790-5144.