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A pedicure and more

Orllyene sits quietly in a raised seat; her feet dangling in water stirred by miniature jacuzzi jets. She is having a pedicure given by Becki Hallert of Sassy Nails.

Just the other day, Becki came running into the dance studio next door where I teach, “I sold one of your books,” and hands me the money and returns to her client. Becki allows Smith Valley author Lin Wilder and me to display our books in her shop for her client’s perusal.

Before Sassy Nails came into being, Becki was six months into her registered/nurse training and lifted a patient and wrecked her back, and that was that. She became a medical-emergency attendant. One of her chores was driving an ambulance from Greenville to Reno, four hours away with the siren screaming all the way.

Bliss covers Orllyene’s face as Becki does a sugar rub on her feet to exfoliate all the dead skin.

“The mixture I use is 2 cups sugar, ¾-cup olive oil, and 10-20 drops of lemon and peppermint essential oils. I gave my ladies small jars for Christmas,” she says.

“Which color have we decided on?” and Orllyene selects Revlon nail-enamel-vernis (reddish pink). Becki sits at Orllyene’s feet and begins. Her feet are so smooth, and white as a lily.

“I feel so pretty, when I come here, Becki,” Orllyene mews sweetly. I feel privileged to be present at this ceremonial celebration, and remain silent.

The conversation drifts to herbal medicine. “I was taking 19 different pain medications for my back, and one day gave them all up,” she says. Now she’s taking an online herbal medicine course. I have confidence in the way Becki thinks and ask several personal questions. Becki is right there with the goods.

“Biotin (hair, skin, nails) is a good choice for thinning hair. It’s in the herbal medicine aisle at Walmart or they have the chewable kind at Walgreens. Miconazole followed up with Tea Tree oil is a good treatment for fungal nail infection,” she says. As an afterthought, she adds, “I’m deeply involved in helping people save money.” This impresses me, because she means it.

On Orllyene’s first visit, I was curious about Becki’s training to be a nurse, and she told a hum-dinger of a tale. “It was just awful. I was assisting in the delivery room and things weren’t going well. The woman complained and fussed all the time. She just wouldn’t stop whining. It was terribly distracting. and was making things worse. I finally snapped; I said at the top of my voice ‘will you please SHUT UP; WE don’t want to hear it!’ The whole room got stony quiet. Finally the woman spoke up- “Well, do you know what it feels like? Have you ever had a baby? She asks, and I immediately blurt out, Yes I do, I had a baby two weeks ago.

By now I was so embarrassed, and sorry I had said anything at all, but no one on the staff ever said one word about it.”

Becki is pure gold, and you can’t do better than that.

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