Girls’ Golf: Wurster wins third league tournament |

Girls’ Golf: Wurster wins third league tournament

STATELINE – Even though Bethany Wurster represents Douglas High School and Alexis Holmes plays for South Tahoe High, they are more like golf teammates. As good “teammates” do, Wurster and Holmes root for one aonother and inspire each other. For two of the top golfers in the Sierra Division, and the state for that matter, a friendship has formed out of competition. “It will fuel you to strive for something better. You just want to beat them. You love them, but you want to beat them at the same time,” Wurster said Tuesday afternoon following a 3-over-par round of 75 that topped the Sierra Division event at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course. “It’s kind of like, ‘Oh, I hope you do well, but I hope I do better.’” Wurster, who birdied six holes, finished seven strokes ahead of Holmes, who came in third with an 82. The last of Wurster’s birdies on No. 18 cost Holmes a dinner. “Once I get my scoring figured out, it’s going to be fun,” said Holmes, who believes mismanagement of her game at times prevents her from scoring in the 70s. “I’m driving the ball really well, but I’m just hitting bad irons. I overcompenstate sometimes when I shouldn’t, so I’m 20 yards long, and it’s very difficult to two-putt from there. “Hopefully by zone I’ll get it figured out.” The two friends played Edgewood Tahoe on Sunday in preparation for Tuesday’s round, and Wurster beat Holmes 74-76 by eagling the final hole. Bishop Manogue’s Mackenzie Souers broke up the 1-2 Wurster-Holmes finish by shooting an 80. Alex Phillips, the defending state champion and also playing in the group with Wurster and Holmes, came in fifth with an 85. “It’s the first time all three have played together,” said STHS coach Marsha Butler. “Bethany and Alexis have developed a really good friendship, but they are always real competitive with each other.” Manogue, the defending state champions, were far superior than their division foes on Tuesday, as four Miners scored 90 or better en route to a 339 team total. Damonte Ranch was second with 419 strokes and Galena and Carson tied for third at 422. South Tahoe, which placed third in the previous tournament, finished sixth at 458. The Vikings’ Morgan Murphy shot 109 and Brittany Rumble fired a 118. Team scores 1. Manogue 439, 2. Damonte Ranch 419, 3. Galena 422, 3. Carson 422, 5. Fallon 453, 6. South Tahoe 458, 7. Douglas 467, 8. Wooster 526. Individual scores Manogue: Alex Phillips 85, Maggie Jones 84, Mackenzie Souers 80, Elise Levy 90, Megan Anderson 136, Lexi Robertson 114. Damonte Ranch: Shayla Miller 104, Ashleigh Westover 96, Rachael Schryer 101, Morgan Pisane 118. Galena: Hayley Jensen 100, Skylar Antencio 105, Sydney Atencio 113, Gabi Lucas 109, Rachael Zunino 107, Amanda Parmer 110. Carson: Megan Justice 113, Whitney Nash 102, Elayna Shine 105, Katie Cowperthwaite 110, Lindsay Burroughs 105, Katie Livermore 110. Fallon: Megan Hill 109, Brittyn Tidwell 103, Sarah Frandsen 123, Sara Parsons 118, Ashley Bowers 128, Katie Moore 131. South Tahoe: Alexis Holmes 82, Morgan Murphy 92, Brittany Rumble 118. Douglas: Bethany Wurster 75, Kelsey Endter 118, Megan Welch 151, Bri Burnside 138, Emily Downer 136, Kristen Greenhut 153. Wooster: Alana Crosby 123, Zoie Oberg 116, Karlee Day 130, Samantha Burrows 157.

Douglas final basketball season statistics

Record: 23-9 overall, 11-3 Sierra League, 8-2 home, 8-1 away, 7-6 neutral Team Statistics Points for: 2,113 Points against: 1,767 3-pointers for: 114 3-pointers against: 121 Free throws for: 383-610 Free throws against: 345-527 Field goals for: 879 Field goals against: 633 Scoring by quarters Douglas 486 509 545 565 8 – 2,113 Opponent 402 413 457 492 3 – 1,767 Individual statistics *Keith Olson 203 71-116 477 *Mike Gransbery 133 49-66 386 *Jeff Nady 92 59-90 248 James McLaughlin 78 28-49 200 *Kevin Emm 74 27-42 194 Joe Nady 76 21-34 177 David Laird 55 46-62 156 *Nate Whalin 27 5-16 59 Jared Trowbridge 10 33-47 55 Ryan McPeek 16 17-32 50 Brandon Bernard 7 12-19 27 Herman Fillmore 4 11-16 19 Ross Bertolone 8 2-12 18 *- Starters 3-pointers Mike Gransbery 72 Kevin Emm 18 James McLaughlin 17 Joe Nady 4 Keith Olson 2 Brandon Bernard 1 Ryan McPeek 1 Fouled out Jeff Nady 4 Joe Nady 4 James McLaughlin 2 Kevin Emm 2 Keith Olson 1 David Laird 1 Nate Whalin 1 Record: 14-17 overall, 8-6 Sierra League, 5-3 home, 5-6 away, 4-7 neutral TEAM Points for: 1,353 Points against: 1,297 INDIVIDUAL SCORING *Jessica Waggoner 370 *Bridget Maestretti 173 Dana Pardee 149 *Taryn Williams 107 (from 12/27) *Dany Heidt 71 *Sarah Hartley 70 Nicole Didero 29 Katie Buffo 20 Allie Hughes 18 Kaela Horse 18 Michelle Richardson 12 Lisa Christen 8 Kristin Wyatt 6 Gina Pfaffenberger 2 * – Starters

Tiger golf takes 4th place

Freshman Michele Nikkels continued her successful rookie season, shooting a 100 to lead the Douglas girls’ golf team to a fourth-place finish at Rosewood Lakes Golf Course Wednesday. Reno’s Alyson Felesina took first overall with a 79 and Melissa Slocumb shot an 81 to take second for the Huskies. Reno won the match as a team, shooting a 442. For Douglas, Sarah Schonian shot a 113 and Kristin Wyatt shot a 114. Jolie Kizer shot a 118, Shelby Louie shot a 129 and Alyssa Matus shot a 131 to round out the Tigers’ afternoon.

2014 Primary Election results

Congress District 2 — Democrat Douglas District *Kristen Spees 540 8,205 Brian Dempsey 563 6,799 Vance Alm 233 3,221 Ed Lee 185 3,163 Governor — Democrat Douglas State * None of these 526 21,718 Bob Goodman 213 17,950 Stephen Frye 252 8,229 John Rutledge 260 6,038 Charlie Chang 100 5,617 Chris Hyepock 131 4,740 Allen Rheinhart 96 3,605 Abduyl Shabazz 260 2,730 Frederick Conquest 35 1,866 Governor — Republican *Brian Sandoval 6,096 105,826 Eddie Hamilton 115 3,758 None of these 198 3,508 William Tarbell 81 1,966 Thomas Tighe 66 1,495 Gary Marinch 39 1,195 Lieutenant Governor — Democrat *Lucy Flores 1,112 52,305 None of these 339 11,508 Harley Kulkin 198 9,366 Lieutenant Governor — Republican *Mark Hutchison 3,953 62,920 Sue Lowden 1,912 42,280 Chris Dyer 359 6,824 None of these 345 5,008 State Controller — Republican Douglas State *Ron Knecht 4,562 56,480 Barry Herr 519 20,815 Cort R. Arlint 440 14,734 None of these 738 15,420 State Assembly District 39 — Republican Douglas District *Jim Wheeler 4,037 5,070 Robin Reedy 2,443 3,012 Sheriff Douglas *Ron Pierini 6,335 David J. Brady 1,888 Michael T. Gyll 911 District Judge Dept. 1 *Tod Young 7,643 District Judge Dept. 2 *Michael Gibbbons 7,817 School Board Area 2 *Robbe Lehmann 7,182 School Board Area 6 *Thomas Moore 7,182 School Board Area 7 *Ross Chichester 7,564

Minden town board member heads to Minden, Germany

Bob and Nancy Hadfield will be celebrating their 25th anniversary next month in Minden. That’s not so unusual considering the Hadfields live in Minden, and he is a long-time member of the town board. What makes it special is that the Hadfields will be in Minden, Germany, helping the Carson Valley’s sister city celebrate its 1,200th anniversary. “We wanted to visit Prague and Austria for our 25th wedding celebration,” said Hadfield. “When we began to plan the trip, we decided we ought to go to Germany and visit Minden. I’m going to see if I can present anything to them on behalf of our board. It’s a nice followup to a visit some of their officials made to our town a few years ago.” Hadfield is taking a watercolor of the pillars by artist Barbara Seeman, hats, T-shirts and pins depicting Douglas County’s Minden and is happy to take along other small Carson Valley souvenirs which residents might like to contribute. “They are celebrating their 1,200th anniversary. That is so amazing to me,” said Hadfield, a former high school history teacher. Minden, Germany was founded in 798. Minden, Nevada – founded in 1905 – was named by H.F. Dangberg Jr., after his father’s German birthplace. “Two years ago, Nancy and I traveled to Italy. I was so intrigued and amazed by all the culture and historic buildings. When you’re surrounded by glass and steel like we are, you lose site of that. I guess that’s why I love rural Nevada history so much. It’s always been something that’s intrigued me,” Hadfield said. In addition to his duties on the Minden Town Board, Hadfield is executive director of the Nevada Association of Counties and a former Douglas County manager. Minden town office manager Sheila Byington received a letter in German from town officials outlining their year-long celebration. “I called everybody I could think of who could speak German, but I wasn’t having any luck finding anyone who had the time or could translate it,”she said. Finally, Byington was advised to contact the Bently Nevada Corp. and was put in touch with Markus Theumer who came to the international Minden manufacturing firm from Germany. “He told me his daughter could do the translation,” Byington said. So, the town paid $50 to 16-year-old Kathrin Theumer instead of the average translation fee of $1 per line. “She did a wonderful job,” said Byington. Hadfield won’t be in Minden, Germany for the town’s big celebration this summer, but he and his wife will be celebrating their 25th anniversary there on April 14. On July 19, Carson Valley’s Minden will hold a town picnic in Minden Park to help its sister city celebrate many thousands of miles away. A free picnic is served to all town residents and entertainment. This year, children from Minden Elementary School are planning to participate. “We can’t be in Minden, Germany physically, but we want to be there in spirit,” said Byington. Anyone who would like to donate to Hadfield’s “care package” is asked to contact Byington at 782-5976. For more information about Minden, Germany, or its celebration, contact the town’s website at The Record-Courier E-mail: Visitors Guide | News | Diversions | Marketplace | Weather | Community Copyright, Materials contained within this site may not be used without permission. About…

Minden meets its new town board members

It was out with the old and in with the new last week as the Minden Town Board said farewell to longtime board members Bruce Jacobsen and Ray Wilson and welcomed their replacements. The board selected John Stephans and Steve Thaler from a pool of 18 applicants to take over Jan. 1. Their recommendations were approved unanimously Dec. 4 by Douglas County commissioners. Wilson and Jacobsen, who each served 24 years, were precluded from re-election when Secretary of State Ross Miller ruled they exceeded voter-approved term limits. The decision came too late for anyone to seek election in November. Board members Ross Chichester, Bob Hadfield and Dave Sheets are to be replaced in two years. “This is an unexpected, unanticipated and unwelcome retirement of a couple of our town members, men of vision and men of courage,” said George Keele, the town’s lawyer. Wilson and Jacobsen thanked their fellow board members and families for support during their long tenure. Wilson said he checked with the Library of Congress and was told the Minden board set a record for the longest-serving elected body in the country. “This is the best small town in the country,” he said. Jacobsen reminded the audience that his mother Betty and father, the late Sen. Lawrence E. Jacobsen, both served on the town board. “I’ve never lived anywhere else,” he said. “We aren’t going anywhere. The Town of Minden is all of ours heritage.”

Minden may pick new town board member

Two candidates are seeking the vacant position on the Minden Town Board, which is scheduled to be filled at a special meeting 5:30 p.m. today. The town is meeting at the Public Works Facility, 1330 Buckeye Road, Minden. Residents Richard J. Peters and Glen A. Radtke filed an application to serve on the board. Whomever is selected by the town board will have to eventually stand for election. Radtke is a Douglas High School graduate who works for Douglas County as a maintenance specialist. He has been involved in sprucing up the county courthouse. Peters is a Minden certified public accountant. He has been a finalist in The Record-Courier's annual Best of Carson Valley contest as best accountant, and is a supporter of the annual Kids Fishing Derby. Town Board members are looking for a replacement for Charlie Condron, who resigned effective Dec. 31, 2015. Condron served on the town board for five years, and will be the second person requiring replacement in the last two years. Condron is Carson River federal water master. A retired school principal, Condron was elected to the town board in 2010. He was a key participant in establishing the Minden Main Street program. He also was a supporter of William Souligny's appointment to the town board.

Minden starts search for new town board member

The search has begun for a new Minden Town Board member to replace Steve Thaler, who becomes a Douglas County commissioner on Jan. 1, 2015. Applicants must be residents of the town, qualified voters in the county for 30 days prior to the appointment and a citizen of the United States. Town board members make $500 a month. The deadline to apply for the position is Oct. 1. Town Board members will determine the process for vetting candidates at their meeting that day. Up to three names will be recommended to county commissioners at the Nov. 5 town board meeting. Commissioners are scheduled to make the appointment at their meeting scheduled for Dec. 4. The new town board member will take over after Thaler vacates his seat on the town board. Both Thaler and commissioner Nancy McDermid are unopposed on the ballot in November. As long as they get one vote they will be elected to their terms. Thaler is replacing commissioner Lee Bonner, who decided not to seek a second term. This will be McDermid's third and final term on the board of county commissioners. This is the first time in 60 years, both the candidates for Douglas County commissioner will run unopposed.

Basketball: Warriors fall short against Nuggets in OT

The Warriors had a bench consisting of only three players, all NBA Development League call-ups, but still forced the Northwest Division leaders to overtime Wednesday. Led by 39 points from guard Monta Ellis and 33 points from forward Corey Maggette, the Warriors took the Denver Nuggets to the final minute of overtime. But Nuggets guard Chauncey Billups was too much to overcome, scoring 10 points in overtime as the Warriors fell 123-118. “They’re full strength, we were not, and we’re still in these kind of games,” Warriors guard Stephen Curry said. “It’s tough, you give all that effort … and you have it in your hands.” But it was Billups who had the game in his hands. He tied his career high with 37 points and added eight rebounds and eight assists. He scored Denver’s first eight points in overtime, including a layup that put the Nuggets up 113-111. Curry gave the Warriors the lead with a 3-pointer inside the two-minute mark. Moments later, Ellis put the Warriors up 117-116 with a 3-pointer from the right wing. Nuggets guard J.R. Smith answered with a 3-pointer of his own. Ellis had a chance to tie the score at 119, but he split a pair of free throws with 25.5 seconds left. After two free throws by Billups, Anthony Tolliver missed a 3 from the corner, sealing the Warriors’ defeat. The Warriors have been plagued by injuries all season, and things nearly got worse before the game. Ellis pulled out of the afternoon shootaround complaining of soreness in his left ankle. Ellis then didn’t come out for pregame warm-ups until seven minutes before the game and took only a handful of shots before lying on the floor and stretching. He leads the NBA in complete games (nine) and was averaging a league-high 42.2 minutes before playing all 53 against Denver, but he denied that the heavy workload affected his ankle. “It’s just that I have a plate in my ankle, and when it rains my ankle throbs,” Ellis said. “So it wasn’t nothing like I’ve been playing on it too much and it was hurting. It was just because of the weather.” Even with Ellis in the lineup, the Warriors could only a muster a bench of Cartier Martin, Chris Hunter and Tolliver. Not surprisingly, they struggled out of the gate. They missed seven of their first 10 shots and managed just 12 points over the first six minutes of the game. Golden State shot 34.6 percent for the quarter. But Denver led just 30-25 entering the second quarter. The Warriors eventually erased their deficit, which was as high as 51-32 after a layup by Nuggets guard Aaron Afflalo at the 7:38 mark. The Warriors put together an 11-1 run to take the lead, a spurt started by Martin’s fade-away as the shot clock expired and capped with a dunk by Hunter. Golden State led 43-42 with just over five minutes left in the first half. The Warriors’ rally set the tone for what would be a closely contested game the rest of the way. The final five minutes of the first half saw five ties. Two free throws by Tolliver sent the Warriors into the locker room tied at 53. The Warriors entered the fourth quarter up by one, but perhaps should have been ahead by more. They led 80-71 with just over three minutes left in the third after Maggette scored seven straight points. Golden State led 82-78 in the final seconds of the third quarter. But Denver guard Ty Lawson was fouled by Ellis while taking a buzzer-beating heave from midcourt. After review, referees determined Ellis’ foul came before the horn, and Lawson was awarded three free throws, making all of them. Ellis was involved in a similar situation Jan. 5, resulting in a heartbreaking loss to the Nuggets. Denver needed a basket in the final seconds, and Ellis, contesting Smith’s desperation heave, was called for a foul. Smith made all three and the Warriors lost by a point. Still, the Warriors led 95-92 with just under six minutes left after Ellis found Hunter for a layup. But Denver went on a 10-3 run over the next four minutes. Billups answered a 3-pointer by Curry with one of his own. The Warriors trailed 102-98 with just over two minutes remaining. The deficit was 105-100 moments later, and Billups fouled Ellis in the act of shooting a 3-pointer from the corner. Ellis made two of three free throws. The Warriors gave up consecutive offensive rebounds before center Andris Biedrins tied up Carmelo Anthony with 32.5 seconds left. The Warriors got the ball back after a Nuggets violation during the jump ball. The Warriors, out of the timeout, ran a play that appeared to be designed to get Ellis a 3-pointer. Ellis drilled it, tying the score at 105 with 28.4 seconds left. After Anthony missed a runner in the lane, the Warriors got the ball back and called a timeout with two seconds left. But the play out of the timeout resulted in Tolliver taking the final shot. It wasn’t close, and the game went to overtime.

Minden approves Gateway Center improvements

Work could begin as early as next month on a $420,000 project to improve Minden Gateway Center. Members of the Minden Town Board accepted the low bid by V&C Construction. The total bid came in $90,000 higher than the original $330,000 estimate, but board members said waiting would just increase the cost of the project. Most of the money will come from the town, with the exception of a $40,000 donation by Maverick and a $75,000 grant from the county. The project was the subject of a $220,000 Nevada Department of Transportation grant that fell through. However, a state grant on another project, putting the ditch along County Road into a pipeline, will free up money for the Gateway project. Town board chairman Matt Bernard said the Transportation Alternatives Program grant on County Road should offset the state's share of the Gateway project The state committed to the project in August 2011, but ended up dropping out last year. With the approval of V&C's bid, work is expected to start soon. V&C is currently replacing a pipeline on County Road for the Minden Gardnerville Sanitation District. Town Engineer Bruce Scott said he sees work on the Gateway project overlapping the County Road project. The sanitation district's project is unrelated to the project involving the state grant. "Every week we wait is a week that lot consists of dirt," Board member Charlie Condron said. Board member John Stephans pointed out that $20,000 of the bid could be managed downward. "We'd still be saving money," he said. "We need to keep an eye on that force work account." Town Board member Roxanne Stangle said she felt the improvements will help attract business to the center, which was first approved in November 2007. The Holiday Inn Express was the lone business in the center until the arrival of Maverik in 2013 and Tractor Supply Co. earlier this year. Resident Bev Giannopulos told board members she would like to see the work completed. According to the bid, landscaping for the 1.4-acre parcel along highways 395 and 88 includes 224 5-gallon shrubs, 118 1-gallon shrubs, four 10-12-foot blue spruce trees and 9,375-square-feet of sod lawn. The Town of Minden has its own tax rate and elected board. It operates an independent water system, garbage collection, maintains streets and town parks among other things. Its boundaries extend only to the northernmost portion of Winhaven. Much of the rest of northern Carson Valley is designated as Minden by the U.S. Postal Service, but is not within the town's boundaries.