Workers preparing for more thunderstorms |

Workers preparing for more thunderstorms

Workers are clearing culverts and roads this morning in case Douglas County sees a repeat of Sunday's heavy rain and flooding.

"Public Works is concentrating on the significant drainage structures that were damaged or need reinforcement," Douglas County Emergency Manager Tod Carlini said. "They are taking care of those areas and then working backwards to those at a lower priority."

Carlini, who is also East Fork Fire & Paramedic Districts Chief, said county emergency dispatchers handled 189 calls between 2:30 and 6 p.m. Sunday.

"In some way, shape or form, whether the fire district, or the sheriff's office, or search and rescue, resources were sent out to deal with the calls."

Utility workers are also out dealing with power, phone, cable and gas lines that were exposed by flooding.

No one was injured in the flooding, and no homes were lost, though property in Indian Hills, Johnson Lane and Fish Springs suffered flood damage.

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"There was some sheet flooding in some areas that came across people's property," he said. "That's where we'll see the most significant private property damage."

Carlini said four structures were hit by lightning on Sunday, including one at Jobs Peak Ranch that started a small fire. That fire was extinguished by Sheridan Acres firefighters.

While the county won't be able to aid with clean-up on private property, anyone who wants to call and report their damage may do so at 783-6480.

"We can do some damage assessment, but that's mostly to help gather information for insurance claims," he said.

A quorum of Douglas County commissioners met on Sunday to consider a disaster declaration, but after deliberating and talking with state officials, decided the damage didn't meet the threshold required for federal aid.

More thunderstorms are in the forecast for this afternoon, but National Weather Service forecasters are predicting storms will move faster, and therefore limit the amount of flooding.

Scattered thunderstorms are expected to start around lunchtime today.


Call Douglas County Works at 783-6480.

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