Survey says: Clean water is residents’ priority |

Survey says: Clean water is residents’ priority

Regina Purcell, Staff Writer

Clean, drinkable water for all inhabitants was Carson Valley residents No. 1 priority, according to a 2002 study.

Five of the top 25 priorities, listed by surveyed residents in Carson Valley, dealt with water in the 2002 Community Needs Assessment done last year by Cooperative Extension of the University of Nevada, Reno.

Steven Lewis of Cooperative Extension performs the survey every five years and said the 2002 study was not “strikingly different” from previous years.

Of 50 Douglas County residents participating in the study, eight were from the Lake Tahoe basin. The survey had an 80 percent response rate to 128 priorities listed.

The No. 1 priority, residents said, was clean, drinkable water for all inhabitants.

Priorities two through six dealt with health care, school/child safety, and planned growth.

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The seventh priority was to ensure water was available for all uses, followed in the eighth spot with water conservation efforts.

The 12th priority was wetlands protection to improve ground and surface water quality, and the 21st priority was “a feeling of confidence that our commissions will respect the master plan and avoid water/overcrowding issues.”

Lewis said surveyed residents made it clear that water is “absolutely” a main concern. Most priorities listed are environmentally related.

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