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Ranchos project approved

A development that sat idle in the Gardnerville Ranchos for nearly a decade may begin work soon.

The old 43-unit Aloha Ranch project next door to Pleasantview was approved in 2004.

On Tuesday, Douglas County planning commissioners approved a modification to the first phase of what is now called Rain Shadow Ranch, adding a single home to the project.

Jake Jannse, son of developer Dirk Jansse, said D.E. Jansse and Co. purchased the project recently.

"We needed to update the plan," he said. "This lot was part of the original plan, and we feel like it is a better use of the land."

Part of the original plan was for the homes in the project to contribute $200,000 to construction of Drayton Boulevard as a major collector.

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So far three homes have been built, accounting for $33,000 of that money. The money is to be paid over the course of 18 years, so even that contribution isn't complete.

Since an additional lot has been added, the owners of the three homes won't have to pay the entire amount.

Neighbor Austin Cathey lives on Springfield Drive near Kingston Lane. He told planning commissioners that Springfield and Drayton run parallel to one another and that his property is sandwiched between them.

"I'll have a main thoroughfare in my front yard and another main thoroughfare over my back fence," he said.

He said that when the project was approved neighbors were told a soundwall would go up behind their property.

"Putting Drayton and the wall in is going to cost more like $1 million," he said. "I'm not opposed to the division."

The first phase of the project was recorded in 2010, but all the other phases have expired. The developer will have to obtain development and water rights for the extra house.

County commissioners are scheduled to review the request at their Aug. 3 meeting.

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