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Wrong side of history


It's difficult to know where to start in responding to Teri Cotham's letter to the editor of Feb. 19 ("Against gay marriage").

Does she really want to "stand up" on the wrong side of history? Does she not understand that the "wishes of the people" — in every poll conducted nationwide — demonstrate that Americans love and even admire the gay sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, neighbors and co-workers they know, and that they believe these folks deserve the equality under the law that same-sex marriage provides?

My wife, Bonnie, and I moved to Gardnerville almost four years ago. We have felt welcomed by our neighbors and by the local business people we've come to know here. Our three grown kids like to visit, and our straight son and his equally heterosexual fiancé are planning to move here to raise their children in what they perceive of as a beautiful and forward-looking community. We can't imagine telling them: "Sorry, breeders frowned upon."

What we also can't figure out is why residents like Teri feel so threatened by our marriage and our family. If she's uncomfortable with gay marriage, then Teri probably shouldn't marry a gay person. But what's to be gained by wanting to take away our Constitutionally guaranteed civil rights?

Trust us, we're no threat to anyone. But ignorance and fear are cause for troubling concern.

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